About me – english

Hello. My name is Renato Franceschin, born in Rome on May 12, 1967. I graduated early with my studies in electronics and dove into my career. I did a variety of things before I found my passion in life: Photography.
I bought my first Nikon in May 1993, following a few months of studying magazines in the industry and peppering photographers with questions about what to do in certain situations, when my photography was published in a neighborhood magazine (still known as Conservo). I was excited! The first small step was complete. I started doing news reports independently and proposing them to the newspaper “La Repubblica,” who valued my work and bought and published my photographs.

In 1994, I started working my way up the ranks at the small company, Syncro, in Rome. I continued to publish images and specialized in Politics and Economics. In 1995, I was noticed by the Granata Press, an important Milanese company tied to journalism and Milanese periodicals, a true center for the press at the time. Being part of the Granata staff and continuing in the political and economic specialization, I was doing quite well in the publishing world. I had several hundreds of publications and a number of covers.

In 1996, I joined another company, where I stayed for five years. There, I began traveling to other countries and nations to do business reporting and complete portraits to financial leaders. I was commissioned for services by L’Espresso, Panorama, Class, The World, Business Week, The Herald Tribunes and many more.
I also followed President Romano Prodi and the Minister of Economy Carlo Azeglio Ciampi in Dublin during the birth of the euro in 1996 (I was the only accredited Italian photographer). I become the official photographer for CONFINDUSTRIA, all the official photos go through me including meetings with Heads of Government, Kings, Presidents and great businessmen worldwide.

In 2000, I started with the company, LaPresse, and I also worked on staff there with broad responsibilities. I became a photographer for SS Lazio and AS Roma (in 2001). I continued working abroad and in Italy.

In 2002, I opened my own agency StudioFranceschin. I specialize in portraiture, industrial reportage and the photographic management of important events.

2003 Boffi Barberini reportage wine tastings

One of the first major events was in 2004, commissioned by Catholic Action. I followed Pope John Paul II in what will be his last visit to Loreto, five cities, seven photographers and a press room for sending images in real time (which, at the time, was not easy). There were thousands of photos managed on-site and press related services around the globe. Many books have come out with those pictures, in addition to the hundreds and hundreds of publications.


2004 Reporting on restoration of a Hermitage Museum room by Confindustria in St. Petersburg

In the meantime, my agency grew, and I became the reference photographer for many companies like: ENEL, ABI, ANIA, ANCE, Unindustria, Rome Chamber of Commerce, Alta roma, Fiera di Roma, Generali, Alta gamma, Agenzia del Demanio, Airone, Alitalia, European Central Bank, SISAL, SACE, Fastweb, Mondatori, Gruppo L’Espresso and many others….


Over the years I have represented the Grazia Neri agency abroad.

In 2005 my collaboration with the Fiera di Roma began, and I created images for advertising and printing

In 2006, I was hired by the Contadi Castaldi winery (Bellavista brand) for a reportage on the sparkling wine-consumer relationship, and for more than two years, I got to discover many of the world’s restaurants.

I travelled to China and Turkey to follow Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo – Confindustria

2007 I created a reportage for the Glaxosmithkline pharmaceutical company

2007 Rome Bulgari Atelier reportage in the Bulgari laboratories goldsmith working

2008 Change the company’s photo-level communication AIRONE

2009 I shot the World Swimming Championships taking place in Rome for ENEL.

2010 I was contacted by SACE to radically change the company’s photo-level communication.

2010 I traveled to China to follow the port authorities of port city Civitavecchia in the international agreement with the port of Lianyungang

2011 various city, portrait top management Gruppo L’Espresso and Il Sole 24 Ore ( editorial group )

2011 Entracque (Cn) Enel’s Reportage for Restoration of the Hydroelectric Power Plant Luigi Einaudi

2011-2012 I travelled to the world of call centers on behalf of Fastweb and ENEL (about 22 cities)

2012 Luca Cordero di Montezemolo asked me to follow him in his project “Future Italy”

2012 Blue Cobalt Photography was created http://www.blucobaltophotography.com

2013 Reportage for 10 Years of ENEL Cuore Onlus, an amazing trip. I spent four months going to non-profit associations, social cooperatives and even a juvenile prison all over Italy, and also including a stop in Bucharest.

2013 Reportage at the Thermoelectric power station, Grazia Deledda, Sulcis Italy

2014 I organized a shoot for the World Day against Women’s Violence, 17 photographers in 17 different cities that shot at the same time.

2015 Milan-Presentation of the Discovery Channel,
Aprilia track: Bridgestone-Presentation of
new tires in the Arab world,
Rome and Milan – Presentation of the new Alitalia airliner

2016 Rome new portrait for the top management UNILEVER

2016 Rome Confindustria to radically change the company’s photo-level communication.
restyling picture top manager and building Confindustria

2016-2017 Italy, reportage ( about 4 months ) on the Earthquake in the center Italy ( Norcia – Amatrice…) and emergency Earthquake-Snow in Abruzzo and Marche

My photos have been exhibited in Tokyo and Frankfurt (Sabina Oil Reportage), in Rome and in various cities in Italy (social reportage ENEL Onlus) and have been visited by Prime Minister Renzi and several ministers of the Republic,
A traveling exhibition throughout South America on the theme of Geothermal Energy
Exhibition in Milan ( this year ) my reportage on the earthquake in center italy

I’ve done many events (for expediency, I cannot mention them all) and I have thousands of journals and periodicals with a few hundred covers in my name.
This is my personal website: http://www.renatofranceschin.net